The Town Hall is your main building.

Levels Edit

Might Gold Protected Cap Food Protected Cap Ore Protected Cap Requirements Upgrade Time Quest Brackets*
1 500 20K 20K 20K 1
2 780 22K 22K 22K
3 1.45K 24K 24K 24K
4 2.57K 26K 26K 26K 2
5 4.8K 29K 29K 29K
6 9.82K 33K 33K 33K
7 17.63K 38K 38K 38K Lvl 6 Farm

Lvl 6 Training Pit

Lvl 6 Dragon Spire

8.5K Ore

8 30.46K 50K 50K 50K Lvl 7 Quarry

Lvl 7 Clan Tavern

Lvl 7 University

13.9K Ore

9 50.55K 80K 80K 80K Lvl 8 Farm

Lvl 8 Waritorium

Lvl 8 Hospital

31.6K Ore

10 87.38K 120K 120K 120K Lvl 9 Quarry

Lvl 9 Training Pit

Lvl 9 Dragon Spire

Lvl 9 Wall

58K Ore

11 158.8K 160K 160K 160K Lvl 10 Farm

Lvl 10 Clan Tavern

Lvl 10 University

172K Ore

12 270.4K 200K 200K 200K Lvl 11 HospitalLvl 11 Waritorium

Lvl 11 Quarry

269K Ore

13 422.2K 240K 240K 240K 5
14 614.1K 280K 280K 280K
15 846.3K 320K 320K 320K
16 1.12M 360K 360K 360K 6
17 1.43M 400K 400K 400K Lvl 16 University

Lvl 16 Farm

Lvl 16 Clan Tavern

1.66M Ore

2d 4h
18 1.78M 440K 440K 440K
19 2.19M 480K 480K 480K 7
20 2.68M 580K 580K 580K
21 3.31M 740K 740K 740K
22 4.22M 990K 990K 990K 8
23 5.94M 1.36M 1.36M 1.36M
24 9.27M 2.34M 2.34M 2.34M
25 19.3M 4M 4M 4M
26 29.3M 6M 6M 6M
27 39.3M 8.5M 8.5M 8.5M

Town Hall Quest Brackets Edit

In Quests, players are required to gain a certain number of points. These points are determined by the player's Town Hall level.[1][2] For example, a player may require X points at town hall level 7, 8, and 9, but upon upgrading to level 10, they number of required points will be increased.

After upgrading to the last level of your Town Hall bracket, it is recommended to wait until you feel that you are strong enough before advancing to the next bracket.

References Edit

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