This is the page for Army Strength Researches. "Discover the ancient secret of hitting hard"

At this time I am only going to list the time and resource cost of each research

These numbers are with as few speed upgrades as possible, the numbers you see in game will likely be different

Essentially every upgrade requires an equivalent upgrade level of the previous item in the research tree

Disclaimer: I can only add the information that is available to me in game and im new

March Capacity Edit

Tier 1 Cost Tier 2 Cost Tier 3 Cost
1-1 N/A 2-1 14m6s, 96 gold, LV3 Militia 3-1 51m, 2.32k gold, LV1 Guard Training
1-2 5m, 60 gold 2-2 19m39s, 159 gold
1-3 7m5s,100 gold 2-3 35m17s, 749 gold, LV4 Militia
1-4 12m40s, 200 gold 2-4 1h3m, 1.49k gold
1-5 16m20s, 500 gold 2-5
Tier 4 Cost Tier 5 Cost
4-1 1h34m, 4.85k gold, LV1 Tier 3 Troop 5-1 1h34m, 4.85k gold, LV1 Tier 4 Troop

Troop Training Edit

Militia Edit

Guard Edit

Tier 3 Edit

Tier 4 Edit

Miscellaneous Edit

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